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Add:No. 9,Nanhai Road,Yangtze River Chemical Industrial Park,Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province
      ★provincial achievements conversion funding project passed acceptance sustentation project from scientific and technical fruit transformation fund of Jiangsu province passed acceptance.
      ★Set up Provincial Enterprise Graduate Working station.
      ★Set up Key Laboraotry Of Jiangsu Province For Lithium Ion Battery Materials.
      ★Set up national post-doctoral research station.
      ★Key Hi-tech enterprise of National Torch Plan was approved again.
      ★High-Safety lithium ion battery electrolyte and Hi Voltage EL were approved as State Hi-Tech products.
      ★State Engineering RD center passed acceptance.
      ★Award China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association.
      ★committed to Committee for Economic Development for enhancing creativity capacity project.
      ★Set up Suzhou Enterprise Technology Center.

      ★Set up post doctor science & research station.
      ★Set up Provincial Enterprise Graduate Working station.
      ★Trifluoromethanesulfonyl fluoride   Was approved as Provincial keystone new products. No. 320500XP090750.   
      ★n-hexadecyltrimethoxysilane  Was approved as Provincial New Hi-tech Products. No. 090582G0634N.
      ★(3-(N,N-dimethylaminopropyl)-aminopropropylmethyldimethoxysilane Was approved as Provincial New Hi-tech Products.
      ★Lithium ion battery electrolyte was recognized as Provincial independent innovation products.
      ★"Electrolyte for HEV、EV" won the third prize of province advance of science and technology as well as  the first prize of Zhangjiagang.
      ★GTHR was awarded as advanced unitby China Battery Industry Association.
      ★SHINSTARwas approved as the Jiangsu famous brand.
      ★GTHR won Suzhou Quality Assurance prize.

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