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Add:No. 9,Nanhai Road,Yangtze River Chemical Industrial Park,Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province
      ★The enterprise was approved as  " HI-tech enterprise" by Jiangsu Science And Technology Department (GR200832000799).
      ★Found "Jiangsu Green Electrical Source Material Technology Research Center".
      ★200 t/a tri((trimethylsioxy)methyl)propane was listed by techinological ministry in National torch plan project.
      ★“Tri((trimethylsioxy)methyl)propane (SCA-181)” was approved as the provincial Hi-tech product .
      ★“Electrolyte for HEV、EV” was approved as the provincial Hi-tech product .
      ★  “HUARONG” Brand silane coupling agent was awarded as export famous brand of Suzhou .
      ★   “3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxylsilane” has passed the testing of patent fruit industrialization project of Suzhou City. “Mercapto silane” win the second in zhangjiagang advance award.

      ★ “The industrialization of 5000t/a high-powered lithium ion battery electrolyte ” was approved as the financial-supported item of National Development and Reform Commission
      ★ Taking on the country 863 plan of“high-powered and safety of new type room temperature ion liquid of changeable electrolyte and the development of its glue type of electrolyte”with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2007AA03Z222)
      ★ Passed the reevaluating of Important Hi-tech Enterprise of Country Emphasized Torch project
      ★ “Glue type of electrolyte of lithium ion battery”has passed the testing of State small and medium sized businesses innovation fund item
      ★“Industrialization of 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane”was approved as patent industrialization item of Jiangsu Province Economy and Trade Committee
      ★ “SHINSTAR”was approved as the famous brand of Jiangsu Province
      ★ “3-thiocyanatopropyltriethoxysilane (SCA-713)”was approved as the provincial Hi-tech product (070582G0103N)
      ★ “Glue type of electrolyte of lithium ion battery and its making method”won the fine patent of Jiangsu Province
      ★ “Lithium ion battery electrolyte of supper capacitor”won the second-class prize of Suzhou City
      ★ “Supper capacitor electrolyte”passed Industry Technology Research Project of Suzhou City
      ★  GTHR was approved as one of the first innovation experimental enterprises of Suzhou City
      ★ Cleanness production item passed the testing of economy and trade committee of Zhangjiagang City

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