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Add:No. 9,Nanhai Road,Yangtze River Chemical Industrial Park,Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province
      ★“R&D as well as industrialization of ELECTROLYTE for power battery” is approved as sustentation project from scientific and technical fruit transformation fund of Jiangsu province. (BA2006033)
      ★Lithium ion electrolyte for power battery, 3-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane was leveled as New HI-TECH products of  Jiangsu Province.
      ★GTHR was leveled as Jiangsu advanced enterprise of Knowledge property right, Model of Jiangsu mid sized enterprises for information application. 
      ★Lithium ion battery electrolyte was levered as quality-reliable product of Jiangsu province.
      ★Decision making assistance and support system is awarded as model project of information application.
      ★Manufacture methods of mercapto silane is approved as patent fruit industrialization project of Suzhou City.
      ★Lithium ion electrolyte for power battery wins the second Zhangjiagang S&T advance.
      ★GREEN POWER SUPPLY ENGINEERING & RR Center was approved as The Cities’ Engineering & RD center by Suzhou Government.
      ★Lithium ion electrolyte for power battery was levered in the National torch plan project by National S&T ministry.(2006GH050553)

      ★1000 t/a alkylsilane was listed by techinological ministry in National torch plan project.
      ★“ Lithium ion battery electrolyte was approved by 5 ministries as “Country new product of importance”;
      ★The enterprise was approved as “Important Hi-tech Enterprise of Country Emphasized Torch project”.
      ★The enterprise got the certificate of BSI ISO14001:2004 for environment management system.
      ★1-Adamantyl methacrylate、n-octyltriethoxysilane was leveled as New HI-TECH products of  Jiangsu Province.

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