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Silicon hydride paste dipping agent
Zhangjiagang Guotai-Huarong New Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd.
  Protection principle  

(1)Silicon cream can better overcome loss in the construction compared with silicon liquid.
(2)Silicon cream is specially used in cubic surface and top surface construction.
(3)Excellent waterproof performance to make water absorption of concrete reduce above 90%
(4)It is really waterproof coating material with breathe function
(5)Strong penetration ability
(6)No changing original appearance of buildings
(7)Better alkali resistance and durability; defence service life can reach above 20 years
(8)Can effectively restrict concrete structure
(9)This product gets more reasonable and high performance cost compared with others.

Brand No.




white cream



white cream



white cream


  Construction cautions  
  Please wear respirator, goggle and gloves during construction. Please water with much water if touching the skins.  
  Packing, storage and transportation  
  50kg and 180kg plastic drum and store in cool and airproof condition. Valid period is one year since production time  
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